Welcome to the World of NinjaTime (NTM) - The MEMECOIN Inspired by the Ninja Turtles!

NinjaTime (NTM) immerses you in an exciting adventure inspired by the famous Ninja Turtles. 

Remember these masked heroes, ready to defend the oceans and fight crime. 

With NinjaTime, we revive this spirit for a new generation.

Make Ninja Turtles great again !

Our Mission:

NinjaTime (NTM) aims to reignite the dream of the Ninja Turtles by positioning them as guardians of the oceans. 

We are committed to using the power of blockchain technology to protect our seas and marine creatures.

NinjaTime (NTM) 2024


Token Supply: 480,690,000,000,000 NTM 

Introducing $NinjaTime (NTM)

Join the NinjaTime (NTM) Revolution today and Together, Let's Save the Oceans and the Turtles!

Token Allocation:

💰AirDrop: 5000000000

💰 Marketing 5%

💚 Charity partnerships: 10%

 70% of the tokens were sent to the liquidity pool

NinjaTIME (NTM) 2024



Phase 1: Meme

Phase 2: Vibe and HODL

Phase 3: Meme Takeover


Ninja Turtles NFT 

An extremely rare NFT collection dedicated to the love of turtles around the world.

Join the NinjaTime (NTM) Revolution today and Together, Let's Save the Oceans and the Turtles!

Let's make awesome memecoins together again. 🌍 Social media :

Our History

NinjaTime (NTM) was conceived from a love for the Ninja Turtles and a concern for our oceans. 

Born out of a desire to create a crypto project with purpose, NinjaTime emerged as a beacon of hope in the meme coin frenzy. 

Founded on principles of transparency and environmental stewardship, NinjaTime quickly gained traction, empowering individuals to contribute to ocean conservation. 

Through partnerships, advocacy, and community engagement, NinjaTime has made a tangible impact in protecting marine life. 

As we move forward, NinjaTime remains committed to its mission, preserving the Ninja Turtles' legacy and safeguarding our oceans for future generations.


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