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Thank you for taking part in our great cause for the Ninja Turtle.

 AirDrops / Donation NinjaTT

Esteemed Nature Advocates,

those who participate in the airdrop receive NinjaTT + a free tweet via our Twitter and in the future an announcement of your choice will be published on our website a life time and on Instagram which already exists. We do everything for our turtles 🐢♥️

By supporting our cause, you are not only preserving our precious turtles, but you are also giving your business a chance to shine. Each participant will benefit from exclusive visibility on our site, highlighting your products/services. Additionally, your ad will be shared across our social media platforms, reaching a wider and engaged audience.

Join us on this adventure to conserve and promote your business through NinjaTT and the turtles that inspire us all. Together, let's create a prosperous future for all!

When you make a donation through our website, you step forward as a genuine advocate for turtles. In acknowledgment of your support, we are excited to bestow upon you NinjaTT, a cryptocurrency that mirrors your devotion to this noble cause.

In the future, the airdrop will end. advertising costs only 2,600,000,000 ninjaTT coins it includes an ad on our site for life! and posts on social networks.


Donation Address ETH: 0x9211F2f74923d98E4D5708F95f069ad572f13170

Token TUT :  0xC0f48F82721DA5DcF2FceED42191Dd3C99B34C1A

Draw to win an NFT for all participants

Come and be a part of our vital mission, dedicated to the preservation of turtles and the well-being of our entire planet. Your involvement can make a significant difference.


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