TAX for our turtles 4% Total 
Everything for our love turtles.

1. Tax is redistributed to holders - this is a reward for HODLing the token.
2. Buyback tax - used for automatic buyback of the tokens.
3. Marketing tax - goes to marketing.

Buying NinjaTT (TUT) on PancakeSwap: 
 1. Get a compatible wallet like MetaMask, Trust Wallet, or  Binance  Chain Wallet. 
 2. Go to PancakeSwap using this Button BUY NinjaTT (TUT)
 3. Connect your wallet and choose the Binance Smart  Chain (BSC)  version. 
 4. Ensure you have enough BNB in your wallet or buy it on    Binance.
 5. Select BNB in the 'From' field and NinjaTT (TUT) in the To  field. 
 6. Enter the desired amount and review transaction settings.  
 7. Click 'Swap,' confirm the transaction in your wallet, and wait for  confirmation.
 8. Your (TUT) tokens will be in your wallet. 
Exercise  caution, verify details, and check PancakeSwap's updates for  secure purchases.



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